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Monday, August 8, 2011

Showing and Reviewed by CPC

In Alphabetical Order by City or Festival

Montreal: 4000 Miles (to April 20 26)
Montreal: Alfred (to May 4)

Ottawa: Madama Butterfly (to April 26)

Toronto: Belleville (to May 4)
Toronto: Cock (to April 27)
Toronto: God In Need Of Help, A (to May 25)
Toronto: Hercules (to April 30)
Toronto: One Night Stand With Shaw, A (to April 26)
Toronto: Soliciting Temptations (to May 4)
Toronto: Sound of Music, The (to May 3)
Toronto: Theatre Centre's Incubator Series (to May 18)
Toronto: Trudeau and the FLQ (to May 10)