Wet! The Best Systems to Listen to Music in Your New Bathrooms

Wet! The Best Systems to Listen to Music in Your New Bathrooms

Probably you have bought a new home or renovated your old house to make it contemporary. This is one of the most exciting experiences. You have spent a huge amount of cash, which you may never squander in any other investment for the rest of your lifetime. So, which is that part of your new dwelling that should spice up your new living while in the house? Some of you will mention the good looking kitchen, stylish bedroom, or the self-contained living rooms. Perhaps, they are.

However, did you forget that the bathroom is the first space to visit every morning as you start your day? Those modern showerheads will offer a relaxing bath to kick-start your day. For those who have just replaced old showerheads and other bathroom fixtures will have a solid reason to prolong their bathing time. But you may also need to add a more flavor to your shower experience with that soothing music by Celine Dion!

Therefore, if you want to include your favorite music list into the bathroom experience, here are 3 systems that will do the trick.

Water-resistant Bluetooth Speakers

listen music in the bathroomIf you are a millennial, definitely Braven and iDuck water-resistant speakers must be your first choice to think of. For the older homeowners, there are several high-quality and more versatile waterproof speakers to select. Even though waterproof speakers are many, there are those that cannot survive underwater while in your tub while others will only be able to withstand a few splashes.

In case you are ready to invest in those high-end weatherproof models, there are smartphone subwoofers that will provide the bass you have never heard before! These options come with stereo jacks and inbuilt mic for hands-free phone calls when needed. You will not worry about battery power because they can be charged using a micro-USB, and can last for several hours.

If you are an often forgetter of things, you need water-resistant speakers that can retain the charge for more than 10 hours. One of the praised models is the Grace Digital ECOXBT, which comes with easy-to-grab handles on both sides. For those on tight budgets, you can opt for a Sonixx BeachBox that comes with splash-proof and rubberized shockproof design. However, these models are only recommended to be placed on a shelf as you take a bath.

Water-resistant Mobile Devices

waterproof phonesThe above discussed water-resistant Bluetooth speakers may not be necessary if you have a water-resistant mobile phone. Though many waterproof phones are usually expensive in terms of money, they are worth the investment. Not only they elevate your status, but also they allow you to enjoy some cool music while in the bathroom.

The new Sony Xperia models and Samsung Galaxy models are examples of the high-end smartphones that will never be ‘threatened’ by water. These gadgets boast a high dunk rating such that they can be submerged into water up to a depth of 1.5M for about 30 minutes. Given that most people will only spend at most 15 minutes in a shower, these are the ideal mobile phones to relax with in a bathtub while earphones are in your ears.

Water-resistant Mp3 Players

waterprof mp3These are all-in-one mp3 players with enough internal memory to save a significant list of your favorite music. They consist of water resistant headphones, and you can also connect to your laptop computer to drop several mp3s.  These are ideal in the morning when you don’t want to wake up the other family members since you can use the earphones as an alternative audio output.

As much as you want to stay in the bathroom, the device will never disappoint you because the battery can last for at least 8 hours. One of the most popular mp3 players is the Walkman NWZ Sony model, making it a perfect choice to use while under the showerheads. It also has easy-to-use volume controls on one side, while the earplugs fit comfortably to block water from entering your ears.

Water-resistant Shower Radios

best showerAM/FM waterproof radios are available in a wide variety with the cheapest model being the ICF Sony that comes with a perfect reception. Other options that will offer an awesome shower entertainment include Abco Tech and Aquabourne. All these AM and FM bath radios come with an inbuilt battery that can last for at least 10 hours. Additionally, you can just set up to pair with your smartphone to listen to your best playlist.

In-Ceiling or In-Wall Water-resistant Speakers

If you want the entire family to enjoy cool music while in the bathroom, then you need to consider installing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in the shower room ceiling or walls. The process involves integrating the whole house entertainment system. However, you need to choose corrosion resistant speakers such as Q Acoustic weatherproof models with an aluminum grille and driver-sealing construction.

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