Study: High Volume Classical Music Makes Driving More Dangerous!

Study: High Volume Classical Music Makes Driving More Dangerous!

For a long time, we have known that music is a mood booster. Even different studies have confirmed this as a fact, as well as recommending drivers to play music while driving in order to improve their disposition. Of course, driving while upset or depressed can lead to a traffic accident because you are likely to lose concentration. However, the same scientists have contradicted us with other studies about the relationship between music and driving!

According to a study published in 2013, the report indicates that loud classical music can lead to dangerous driving as it increases driver’s excitement. It further noted that the volume rock music influences the driver’s concentration such that he or she may forget about the road and shift the focus to music. Then the report highlights at some point “next thing might be a terrible accident”! This study has received different reactions from readers, especially those who drive often while listening to music.

I won’t despise the report due to the fact that loud volume not only impacts your mind while resting in the house but will also draw attention from the onlookers as you drive. Many drivers would never want to be stared when loud music is coming from their car audio systems because it looks totally obnoxious. However, you can just drive while listening to high volume music and arrive safely as long as you are keen on the road.

My Interview with Mark

loud music and hearing damageAfter I read the report and a few comments from the readers, I decided to arrange a phone call interview with one of the renowned fast drivers in the city. Mark, a driver who loves driving while playing loud classical music, argued that there is no proven relationship between listening to music and careless driving. This was based on his views since he claimed to have been doing it for over 10 years without causing even a single accident. He further said volume classic music spices up his driving experience, as well as constantly reminding him about traffic rules and regulations! This sounded hilarious.

According to Mark’s comments on my queries, I temporary deduced that different types of car audio systems may have a role to play in this issue. Some systems will produce terrible beats and probably distract the driver’s concentration on the road. Other audio systems just produce cool sounds with smooth entertaining beats that may keep a driver more awake and cautious while driving. So, I think some drivers should reconsider changing their car audio systems. That is if the systems don’t offer a relaxing music entertainment while a driver is behind the wheel!

How Music Affects Your Driving Alertness

Songs that Don’t Nice-Up Your Soul

A study in the UK, 2013 evinced that songs influence a driver’s concentration because they create another inner feeling that takes away your driving focus. However, the report of the study indicated that these are the songs that you don’t like listening to. This left many people wondering how someone can decide to play ‘bad songs’ in his private car. The study says that songs that don’t favor your feelings and emotions might cause mental stress and distractions, which are likely to influence driver’s driving concentration. The report at some point directed the argument to the drivers carrying passengers. If a passenger wants to listen to a song you don’t like, it is better to deny justifiably because it could be dangerous to both of you.

The Music Tempo

listening to music and careless drivingThe same study highlighted that music tempo can also influence a driver’s concentration. This brings us to the fact that classic music usually has a rhythmic tempo, and can be trembling when played on high volume. Most rock songs play faster and this can cause excitement, according to the study. Also, the study reported that the driver is more likely to speed up unconsciously in order to cope with the fast upbeat.

However, the study also cautioned about slow music because it can make a driver to rest too much. Excessive relaxing may translate to less alertness, which may cause an accident. The best driving song should have between 50 to 80 beats per minute so that the song can mimic human heart beat rate, according to the study.

My Opinion

As much as everybody wants to enjoy music while driving, the decent car audio systems can be suitable because they don’t make interruptive noise. They produce a real music sound and beats that are well balanced. If you are a classical music lover while on the road, find those new car audio systems in order to minimize any possible music interruption.

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