Opera and Theatre Tickets’ Price to Go Up

Opera and Theatre Tickets’ Price to Go Up

It is most likely that prices for opera and theatre tickets will go up this season all around Canada. This change will be happening due to the rise in the price of basic energy supplies, such as electricity, water, and gas.

Opera and Theatre Tickets' Price to Go Up

Raising the price of these will surely raise the price of everything else. Actors’ salaries being one of them. In fact, everything is getting more expensive, from electricity to taxes. This means that the tickets will surely become higher. It is understandable, managers need to find a solution to the problem. They have to cover up the financial hole that will be created and the only way is to take it off the audience pocket. But, is it really the only way?

When the prices of the gas go up, everything is going up too. However, there’s always a solution if we try to look for one. Some of the solutions are cutting on expenses if this is possible, or making the price of the tickets higher. A smart manager will try to do the first one.

A good manager knows where the theatre is spending its money. They know exactly how much is spent on maintenance, supplies, salaries. Cutting on some parts is impossible, but this is not the case when the supplies are in question.

How to cut on supplies?

How to cut on suppliesIf you’re not familiar with this part, here’s a little hint – cutting on supplies can be just like you fired a dozen employees. Depending on the changes you’ll make, these numbers can be really significant and make a real change in your business. A smart cut can even hold the rise of the ticket price.

So your next question, logically, is how to do this? There are more ways of cutting down on money spent on supplies. For instance, you can start with water spending. A lot of theatres spend a fortune on water consumption. Installing smart faucets that will be able to turn on and off by a sensor, installing green shower heads that cut the water spending by half, and other small solutions that will make a big change. Here are some rain shower heads to consider.

Another way to save is electricity. The electricity bills are enormous by default. If we’re able to cut this amount, we’ll be able to save a lot of money. Of course, this is practically impossible, but cutting here and there is and it is a smart way to do it.

One of the biggest electricity spender in the theatre is the water heater used by the employees. A theatre has a lot of water heaters that are usually always turned on and working. This is really big electricity consumption. The solution is simple and everyone should do it. It’s called tankless water heaters.

What are tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are a type of water heaters that only heat the water when the faucet or the shower is turned on. Unlike the classic type of water heaters, tankless heaters heat the water as it goes through them. They are mounted on the pipes transferring the water to the showers or the faucets and heat the water instantly.

This way, you don’t need to keep the heaters on to have hot water. Also, with the tankless water heaters, you can never be left without hot water. This is not the case with standard water heaters. The best part is, of course, you save money as you only spend electricity as much as it is needed for heating the water that is surely going to be spent.

Other solutions

Other solutions also cover electricity and spending of expendable supplies that can be cut off. Theatres depend on good lighting and halls also have lots of light bulbs in hallways, rooms, backstage, garden, and everywhere around the theatre premises. Changing all these lights with green eco-friendly LED light bulbs will save you a ton of money. Of course, it’s an investment that must be done in the beginning, but after some time, you’ll realize bulbs last longer and spend as much as 80% less energy. Having thousands of bulbs means saving a lot of money.


Opera and theatre prices don’t have to go up. This is an unpopular method to raise enough money to operate. The audience simply hates raising the price of tickets and you can be sure that you’ll lose some of the regulars. That’s why this must be the last instance to turn. It’s much wiser to make an investment that will later pay off more, than trying to take the money of your audience to cover up the theatre financial holes.

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