A Sommelier Should Have a Good Ear for the Best Music Selection

A Sommelier Should Have a Good Ear for the Best Music Selection

music selectionAs much as a sommelier is very keen to serve you, he or she must reflect audacious trait to request different music tunes if the current playlist seems not too nice up the customers. I love attending wine parties in different cities around Canada, and I enjoy how sommeliers make the parties lively. Being a typical wine lover, I also like good music that will stimulate my nerves and feel the greatness in my life.

Wine and music are just like bread and butter. They go hand-in-hand because no one will be willing to spend a night in a boring wine joint. Some of the things that create a stunning wine drinking experience are the music and condition of the wine itself. If the music selector is doing it to the fullest and the wine is just perfect, you have a concrete reason to go all night long!

However, a skilled sommelier is quite useful to all wine lovers. There are different wines and some drinkers may want to know the newest types to tuck their throat. Others may want to change their longtime tastes to something different. If the sommelier is well-knowledgeable and conversant with all kinds of wines, you are already in a better position to get what you want.

So, here are the 5 things to know if a sommelier is a wine guru!

The person answers any question you ask

A reliable sommelier will take hours formulating possible customers’ questions and analyzing them. However, you also deserve an answer to a simple question you may ask after walking into a wine bar. Sometimes you don’t ask a question because you need an answer. It is a common habit among wine lovers. Some sommeliers may not be willing to give an answer to such rhetoric queries, but that should tell you something fishy about that sommelier.

The person is aware of available wine list

wine and SommelierThis is awesome because sometimes you may want to spend a certain amount of cash. Once you tell a sommelier you are planning to spend a certain amount of money wine, he or she should mention a few types of wines available at your budget. However, inexperienced sommeliers will start perusing their wine list and catalogs to see the available wines that match your budget.

Keen to know what you want

If a sommelier is not listening to what you want first, he or she must have other intentions of selling something else to you. These are indications that they want to make money from what you may not want by suggesting a wine type without your consent. A good and experienced sommelier will first want to know your favorite wine, and thereafter suggest another type. It is you to choose or leave it.

If they understand their source of wines

You can know if the sommelier is an experienced person when he or she describes the wines available by mentioning the manufacturers and the places of origin. Also, they should tell you where the grapes are grown, and how the wines are different from the rest. However, if the sommelier is just telling you the most popular wines, he or she is not the right person to advise you on wine selections.

Sommeliers and wine

Able to mention the different qualities of wines they have

If the sommelier is just talking about how a specific wine type is getting popular, he or she must be lacking adequate information about their wines. A knowledgeable person should be able to differentiate the quality of wines off-head, and then tell you the ingredients that create the differences. You also need to know the flavors, so the person should also be able to inform you about them.

Wine Coolers

Alright, what about the wine cooling techniques? This is a very important factor that not only the sommeliers must be familiar with, but also all wine spectators out there. Many wine lovers will always store wines at home so that they can quench their thirsty any time they want. Also, guests and friends will want to come to your house if you have some wine!

The most common wine coolers include Thermoelectric and Compressor units. Here is a very informative article about built-in wine coolers. Thermoelectric coolers are perfect for a small space, as well as for storing a few wine bottles. They are also extremely energy efficient and quiet, and thus suitable to have in your house. On the other hand, compressor units function almost like a normal refrigerator. Though they are louder and consume more energy, they are said to be long-lasting and capable of handling a higher ambient temperature than the thermoelectric units.

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