The Pianist’s Bookshelf: A Beginners Guide

The Pianist’s Bookshelf: A Beginners Guide

PianistIf you are a new pianist, it is highly recommended to start practicing with a digital piano. This is not only that they are relatively affordable to many beginners, but also they have acceptable high-quality sound. In the recent years, these instruments have advanced to cater for the demanding needs of newbie pianists. They have a wide range of features and functions to offer, and that’s why finding the best option can be a hectic task.

Our guide is basically written putting in mind the fundamental things any beginners should know. Buying any appliance that you are not fully familiar with is always a daunting process, so too are digital pianos. Pianos are like any other products in the market, and probably you will be overwhelmed by the many models you will see in various stores.

If you are already stuck somewhere wondering where to begin, this guide will help you understand the basic things to get you started.

Why Choose to Buy a Digital Piano?

I would not despise the traditional acoustic pianos because they have their own advantages. However, there are many reasons why you need to prefer a digital piano over the conventional acoustic models. Here is why;

Portability and convenience

Digital pianos are normally more compact and lighter compared to their acoustic counterparts. Even those models with cabinets similar to the traditional pianos are lightweight than the acoustic pianos. Many of the new digital pianos can be disassembled so that every part is stored separately, hence solving the issue of storage space. Those that are designed for concert performance (for musicians) can conveniently fit into your van. Loading and offloading is also easier because they weigh less than the acoustic pianos. You can see more about how to choose a digital piano on


learning pianoOnce you enter one of the instrument stores and compare prices of traditional acoustic pianos and the digital counterparts, you will realize the digital models are way too cheaper. When it comes to subsequent maintenance, acoustic pianos will need regular tuning while digital pianos need just dusting and very minimal maintenance attention. This is important for a beginner because you will not hassle here and there looking for an expert to tune the instrument, which is also an expensive service.

Versatile and easy volume control

Traditional acoustic pianos produce a volume based on how hard you hit the keys, but the digital piano’s volume can be adjusted in many different ways. Some digital pianos can also allow the use of headphones if you don’t want to make noise, especially when playing at night while other family members are asleep. The several sound settings included in digital pianos are customizable because you can add woodwinds, drums, brass, percussions and other sounds you may want. This means digital pianos are all-in-one instruments that offer unlimited versatility to any beginner pianist out there.


The new digital pianos are designed in a manner that you can record during a performance. This is very important for beginners because they may want to hear what they have just done so that they can make adjustments accordingly. Unlike the traditional acoustic pianos, digital models are quite resourceful because you can review your progress by recording every completed session.


The MIDI ability in many digital pianos allows the player to connect to other devices such as recording instruments and computers. Most new models come with USB ports to facilitate easy connection with different types of audio instruments. Other new versions can be connected to flash disks so that it is easier to transfer music files to your computer and any other memory card supported devices.

How to Pick a Digital Piano Suitable for You

Evaluate your skill level

If you are a pure beginner, you just need to choose a basic and inexpensive digital piano. Check a model with inbuilt learning tools so that you can quickly master playing the instrument as you prepare to upgrade to a more advanced model.

Consider the instrument’s dimensions

Before purchasing your first digital piano, put in mind the available storage space in your house. A beginner doesn’t need a big unit with complex features. If you can pick a keyboard height sized piano, it can be a suitable choice because you can store it comfortably even if space is small.

Last but not least, Consider Portability

As a beginner, you need a smaller sized piano that doesn’t require a huge storage space. Above all, you need to carry it while traveling or when attending evening piano classes. You need to carry it almost to everywhere so that the practicing task is kept constant. Therefore, a portable piano is the ideal choice to make.

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