Opera and Theatre Tickets’ Price to Go Up

Opera and Theatre Tickets’ Price to Go Up

It is most likely that prices for opera and theatre tickets will go up this season all around Canada. This change will be happening due to the rise in the price of basic energy supplies, such as electricity, water, and gas.

Opera and Theatre Tickets' Price to Go Up

Raising the price of these will surely raise the price of everything else. Actors’ salaries being one of them. In fact, everything is getting more expensive, from electricity to taxes. This means that the tickets will surely become higher. It is understandable, managers need to find a solution to the problem. They have to cover up the financial hole that will be created and the only way is to take it off the audience pocket. But, is it really the only way?

When the prices of the gas go up, everything is going up too. However, there’s always a solution if we try to look for one. Some of the solutions are cutting on expenses if this is possible, or making the price of the tickets higher. A smart manager will try to do the first one.

A good manager knows where the theatre is spending its money. They know exactly how much is spent on maintenance, supplies, salaries. Cutting on some parts is impossible, but this is not the case when the supplies are in question.

How to cut on supplies?

How to cut on suppliesIf you’re not familiar with this part, here’s a little hint – cutting on supplies can be just like you fired a dozen employees. Depending on the changes you’ll make, these numbers can be really significant and make a real change in your business. A smart cut can even hold the rise of the ticket price.

So your next question, logically, is how to do this? There are more ways of cutting down on money spent on supplies. For instance, you can start with water spending. A lot of theatres spend a fortune on water consumption. Installing smart faucets that will be able to turn on and off by a sensor, installing green shower heads that cut the water spending by half, and other small solutions that will make a big change. Here are some rain shower heads to consider.

Another way to save is electricity. The electricity bills are enormous by default. If we’re able to cut this amount, we’ll be able to save a lot of money. Of course, this is practically impossible, but cutting here and there is and it is a smart way to do it.

One of the biggest electricity spender in the theatre is the water heater used by the employees. A theatre has a lot of water heaters that are usually always turned on and working. This is really big electricity consumption. The solution is simple and everyone should do it. It’s called tankless water heaters.

What are tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are a type of water heaters that only heat the water when the faucet or the shower is turned on. Unlike the classic type of water heaters, tankless heaters heat the water as it goes through them. They are mounted on the pipes transferring the water to the showers or the faucets and heat the water instantly.

This way, you don’t need to keep the heaters on to have hot water. Also, with the tankless water heaters, you can never be left without hot water. This is not the case with standard water heaters. The best part is, of course, you save money as you only spend electricity as much as it is needed for heating the water that is surely going to be spent.

Other solutions

Other solutions also cover electricity and spending of expendable supplies that can be cut off. Theatres depend on good lighting and halls also have lots of light bulbs in hallways, rooms, backstage, garden, and everywhere around the theatre premises. Changing all these lights with green eco-friendly LED light bulbs will save you a ton of money. Of course, it’s an investment that must be done in the beginning, but after some time, you’ll realize bulbs last longer and spend as much as 80% less energy. Having thousands of bulbs means saving a lot of money.


Opera and theatre prices don’t have to go up. This is an unpopular method to raise enough money to operate. The audience simply hates raising the price of tickets and you can be sure that you’ll lose some of the regulars. That’s why this must be the last instance to turn. It’s much wiser to make an investment that will later pay off more, than trying to take the money of your audience to cover up the theatre financial holes.

Wet! The Best Systems to Listen to Music in Your New Bathrooms

Wet! The Best Systems to Listen to Music in Your New Bathrooms

Probably you have bought a new home or renovated your old house to make it contemporary. This is one of the most exciting experiences. You have spent a huge amount of cash, which you may never squander in any other investment for the rest of your lifetime. So, which is that part of your new dwelling that should spice up your new living while in the house? Some of you will mention the good looking kitchen, stylish bedroom, or the self-contained living rooms. Perhaps, they are.

However, did you forget that the bathroom is the first space to visit every morning as you start your day? Those modern showerheads will offer a relaxing bath to kick-start your day. For those who have just replaced old showerheads and other bathroom fixtures will have a solid reason to prolong their bathing time. But you may also need to add a more flavor to your shower experience with that soothing music by Celine Dion!

Therefore, if you want to include your favorite music list into the bathroom experience, here are 3 systems that will do the trick.

Water-resistant Bluetooth Speakers

listen music in the bathroomIf you are a millennial, definitely Braven and iDuck water-resistant speakers must be your first choice to think of. For the older homeowners, there are several high-quality and more versatile waterproof speakers to select. Even though waterproof speakers are many, there are those that cannot survive underwater while in your tub while others will only be able to withstand a few splashes.

In case you are ready to invest in those high-end weatherproof models, there are smartphone subwoofers that will provide the bass you have never heard before! These options come with stereo jacks and inbuilt mic for hands-free phone calls when needed. You will not worry about battery power because they can be charged using a micro-USB, and can last for several hours.

If you are an often forgetter of things, you need water-resistant speakers that can retain the charge for more than 10 hours. One of the praised models is the Grace Digital ECOXBT, which comes with easy-to-grab handles on both sides. For those on tight budgets, you can opt for a Sonixx BeachBox that comes with splash-proof and rubberized shockproof design. However, these models are only recommended to be placed on a shelf as you take a bath.

Water-resistant Mobile Devices

waterproof phonesThe above discussed water-resistant Bluetooth speakers may not be necessary if you have a water-resistant mobile phone. Though many waterproof phones are usually expensive in terms of money, they are worth the investment. Not only they elevate your status, but also they allow you to enjoy some cool music while in the bathroom.

The new Sony Xperia models and Samsung Galaxy models are examples of the high-end smartphones that will never be ‘threatened’ by water. These gadgets boast a high dunk rating such that they can be submerged into water up to a depth of 1.5M for about 30 minutes. Given that most people will only spend at most 15 minutes in a shower, these are the ideal mobile phones to relax with in a bathtub while earphones are in your ears.

Water-resistant Mp3 Players

waterprof mp3These are all-in-one mp3 players with enough internal memory to save a significant list of your favorite music. They consist of water resistant headphones, and you can also connect to your laptop computer to drop several mp3s.  These are ideal in the morning when you don’t want to wake up the other family members since you can use the earphones as an alternative audio output.

As much as you want to stay in the bathroom, the device will never disappoint you because the battery can last for at least 8 hours. One of the most popular mp3 players is the Walkman NWZ Sony model, making it a perfect choice to use while under the showerheads. It also has easy-to-use volume controls on one side, while the earplugs fit comfortably to block water from entering your ears.

Water-resistant Shower Radios

best showerAM/FM waterproof radios are available in a wide variety with the cheapest model being the ICF Sony that comes with a perfect reception. Other options that will offer an awesome shower entertainment include Abco Tech and Aquabourne. All these AM and FM bath radios come with an inbuilt battery that can last for at least 10 hours. Additionally, you can just set up to pair with your smartphone to listen to your best playlist.

In-Ceiling or In-Wall Water-resistant Speakers

If you want the entire family to enjoy cool music while in the bathroom, then you need to consider installing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in the shower room ceiling or walls. The process involves integrating the whole house entertainment system. However, you need to choose corrosion resistant speakers such as Q Acoustic weatherproof models with an aluminum grille and driver-sealing construction.

A Sommelier Should Have a Good Ear for the Best Music Selection

A Sommelier Should Have a Good Ear for the Best Music Selection

music selectionAs much as a sommelier is very keen to serve you, he or she must reflect audacious trait to request different music tunes if the current playlist seems not too nice up the customers. I love attending wine parties in different cities around Canada, and I enjoy how sommeliers make the parties lively. Being a typical wine lover, I also like good music that will stimulate my nerves and feel the greatness in my life.

Wine and music are just like bread and butter. They go hand-in-hand because no one will be willing to spend a night in a boring wine joint. Some of the things that create a stunning wine drinking experience are the music and condition of the wine itself. If the music selector is doing it to the fullest and the wine is just perfect, you have a concrete reason to go all night long!

However, a skilled sommelier is quite useful to all wine lovers. There are different wines and some drinkers may want to know the newest types to tuck their throat. Others may want to change their longtime tastes to something different. If the sommelier is well-knowledgeable and conversant with all kinds of wines, you are already in a better position to get what you want.

So, here are the 5 things to know if a sommelier is a wine guru!

The person answers any question you ask

A reliable sommelier will take hours formulating possible customers’ questions and analyzing them. However, you also deserve an answer to a simple question you may ask after walking into a wine bar. Sometimes you don’t ask a question because you need an answer. It is a common habit among wine lovers. Some sommeliers may not be willing to give an answer to such rhetoric queries, but that should tell you something fishy about that sommelier.

The person is aware of available wine list

wine and SommelierThis is awesome because sometimes you may want to spend a certain amount of cash. Once you tell a sommelier you are planning to spend a certain amount of money wine, he or she should mention a few types of wines available at your budget. However, inexperienced sommeliers will start perusing their wine list and catalogs to see the available wines that match your budget.

Keen to know what you want

If a sommelier is not listening to what you want first, he or she must have other intentions of selling something else to you. These are indications that they want to make money from what you may not want by suggesting a wine type without your consent. A good and experienced sommelier will first want to know your favorite wine, and thereafter suggest another type. It is you to choose or leave it.

If they understand their source of wines

You can know if the sommelier is an experienced person when he or she describes the wines available by mentioning the manufacturers and the places of origin. Also, they should tell you where the grapes are grown, and how the wines are different from the rest. However, if the sommelier is just telling you the most popular wines, he or she is not the right person to advise you on wine selections.

Sommeliers and wine

Able to mention the different qualities of wines they have

If the sommelier is just talking about how a specific wine type is getting popular, he or she must be lacking adequate information about their wines. A knowledgeable person should be able to differentiate the quality of wines off-head, and then tell you the ingredients that create the differences. You also need to know the flavors, so the person should also be able to inform you about them.

Wine Coolers

Alright, what about the wine cooling techniques? This is a very important factor that not only the sommeliers must be familiar with, but also all wine spectators out there. Many wine lovers will always store wines at home so that they can quench their thirsty any time they want. Also, guests and friends will want to come to your house if you have some wine!

The most common wine coolers include Thermoelectric and Compressor units. Here is a very informative article about built-in wine coolers. Thermoelectric coolers are perfect for a small space, as well as for storing a few wine bottles. They are also extremely energy efficient and quiet, and thus suitable to have in your house. On the other hand, compressor units function almost like a normal refrigerator. Though they are louder and consume more energy, they are said to be long-lasting and capable of handling a higher ambient temperature than the thermoelectric units.

Do Ergonomic Chairs for Musicians Really Help Improve Performance?

Do Ergonomic Chairs for Musicians Really Help Improve Performance?

Musicians Really Help Improve PerformanceProfessional artists such as musicians are obligated to use whatever seating available by a theater or a concert hall management despite the fact that not all players and instruments have the same requirements. There are many researchers and surveyors who have spend lots of time studying what seating need is exactly suitable for musicians such as woodwind, string, and brass players.

It is worth noting that every musician should understand the health benefits of using proper chairs. An appropriate sitting posture is more than a requirement because it determines the control of the instruments too. Additionally, a musician comfortably sitting on a chair he or she can properly breathe. This also implies outstanding instrument mastery.

performanceMany musicians, and also other professionals, do not know the influence of the chair design to his or her ability to perform well. Where you work from is your ‘office’, and therefore you need to have ergonomic office chairs in order to achieve your performance goals and objectives. There is much to address on performance and health of people who work in practice rooms and halls. Their sitting requirements of musicians are different, and so too is for any typical office worker.

So, what are the performance benefits of having ergonomic office chairs?

Pain relief

For many musicians, having a neck-related pain or just a backache can be normal. However, this should not be taken lightly because it will impact your performance. Muscle pains that persist can lead to other discomforts including severe headaches and fatigue, and therefore you won’t be able to work effectively as required. So, you can relieve the pains by replacing your old chairs with ergonomic office chairs which come with various features such as adjustable headrest and backrest. The chair will support your spine and neck in order to prevent muscle stiffness.

Upright posture

Upright postureWhen an upright posture is maintained, the spine and neck injuries will be eliminated. These kinds of injuries occur when you lean forward towards a computer, which in turn causes your pelvis to turn backward and exert additional pressure on the lumbar region. The shoulders will start curing so that they can accommodate the weight shift. Regular pelvis backward rotation and curving of shoulders are the causes of neck and spine straining, hence affecting your daily productivity. Therefore, ergonomic chairs will address this issue because you can adjust the headrest and backrest according to your height and the desk’s height too.

Proper breathing

When in a poor sitting condition, you are already compressing your body. This will not only affect your posture, but also the ability to breathe properly and comfortably. This situation overworks your heart and lungs, leading to overall body stress. Ergonomic office chairs eliminate this problem and improve your performance because you can sit upright while the chest is openly resting to allow proper breathing.

Improve blood circulation

If your blood circulation is not doing well, some of your muscles will lack sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen. This may cause headaches, fatigue, and backaches, as well as neck-related pains. The ergonomic office chairs create a 90-degree sitting position throughout, ensuring your body muscles are receiving blood sufficiently. The chairs can be adjusted, meaning that you can change the height and seat position depending on the length of your legs. Interestingly, many new ergonomic chairs come with a knee support.

Efficiency in work

The core reason that led to designing of ergonomic office chairs was to increase comfort. When the working environment is improved by adding more comfortable chairs, your overall output will also be boosted. Due to the adjustable features, the ergonomic chairs will increase your efficiency in work. Their swivel feature also allows a user to rotate without straining or getting up from the chair.

Improved comfort

musicians performanceComfort is all that you need in order to perform well in your job. Whether you are a brass or woodwind player, a comfortable chair will add morale in what you are doing. You don’t need to strain while twisting or turning. Unlike the traditional chairs, ergonomic chairs will allow you to twist at your own comfort without struggling to find a perfect position. After the concert, you will go home feeling normal and without those unwelcoming exhaustion and tiredness.

Does Temperature Affect Musical Instruments?

Does Temperature Affect Musical Instruments?

Temperature Affect Musical InstrumentsAccording to renowned music instrument manufacturers, the temperature will affect the sound of your instrument in different ways. Every instrument is affected in a different manner, but the experts also say that even player’s abilities are affected by temperature changes. Warmer or colder temperature will change the manner in which the strings are pulled on the bowl. Instruments are said to expand or contract during warmer or colder conditions, and therefore their tension is affected. These changes also affect the player’s interaction with the instrument.

A piano’s bushings tend to expand or contract during high or low-temperature conditions. Such expansions and contractions will increase or decrease the time between when you hit a key and when the harmer hits the string. Whether it is sluggishness or nimbleness, a musician will lose the real touch of the playing experience required. If you are a musician or you often play a musical instrument at home, perhaps you have encountered such situations severally. However, how do you prevent such unwelcoming occurrences from happening too often whenever using your instrument?

The most common method to correct temperature-related issues is through tuning the actions or the strings, adding lubrication in certain spots, or changing the way you play the instrument. For those living in the colder cities of Canada, you don’t need to struggle every time to tune your instrument due to low-temperature effects on your violin, piano, or guitar. Did you think of making use of space heaters to enjoy an optimum temperature regulation for both comfortable living and playing your instrument?

Mostly, space heaters are used to warm up living rooms. Very few have thought of heating their house to maintain a temperature suitable for playing an instrument. Whether you use the instrument in the office or at home, a space heater can be an ideal option to create a perfect environment where you can enjoy playing your instrument.

Apart from regulating the temperature in your house or office, an efficient space heater has a plethora of benefits in your home. So, here are the reasons you need an efficient space heater.

Affordable to buy

If you want a space heater to warm the space in your office, a small compact heater is enough. This can cost you less than $30, and still get myriad of benefits the larger heaters can provide. However, a larger electric space heater can be ideal if you want to heat a larger space in your house, as well as create an optimum temperature suitable for playing your violin.


There are many types of space heaters to choose depending on what you want. If you want to heat a small space just around your chair so that the instrument pitch is not altered by changes in temperature, a small compact model or an infrared dishwasher heater can do the trick. If you want to heat a relatively larger space, a convection heater with a fan can be a better alternative. Basically, a good space heater is the one that fits your intended objectives.


temperature affect your performanceEven though you are advised to read the manufacturer’s manual before you start using a space heater, anyone can just use it. If you have purchased an electric space heater, you just need to plug into the mains power supply and switch on. In short, you don’t need to be an expert electrician so that you can use the unit. However, the manual can be really vital in case there are some areas you don’t understand clearly.

Cheap to operate

A space heater can be one of the appliances that consume the least energy, especially if you only use it to heat a room when playing your piano. Most electric heaters are rated 1.5KW, meaning that you just need very few cents to operate your unit for an hour. The modern space heaters have a temperature setting – high and low setting. You can choose to operate at the low setting to keep energy usage minimal.

Require a small storage space

For those with small-sized offices or living rooms, you can as well use a space heater comfortably. It requires a small space for storage, and your room will not appear cluttered. If the closet space is too small, a small compact heater can be a good choice. If you still have a budget you can even spend some money on a small dehumidifier that will make you feel more comfortable.

In conclusion, a space heater is a safe appliance when used in the office or at home. However, you need to follow the safety guidelines outlined in the manufacturer’s manual. One of the important things to put in mind is placing the unit about 3ft from clothes and any other item such as furniture. The other thing is to avoid overloading your electrical wiring system such as plugging other appliances in the same outlet as the space heater.

The Pianist’s Bookshelf: A Beginners Guide

The Pianist’s Bookshelf: A Beginners Guide

PianistIf you are a new pianist, it is highly recommended to start practicing with a digital piano. This is not only that they are relatively affordable to many beginners, but also they have acceptable high-quality sound. In the recent years, these instruments have advanced to cater for the demanding needs of newbie pianists. They have a wide range of features and functions to offer, and that’s why finding the best option can be a hectic task.

Our guide is basically written putting in mind the fundamental things any beginners should know. Buying any appliance that you are not fully familiar with is always a daunting process, so too are digital pianos. Pianos are like any other products in the market, and probably you will be overwhelmed by the many models you will see in various stores.

If you are already stuck somewhere wondering where to begin, this guide will help you understand the basic things to get you started.

Why Choose to Buy a Digital Piano?

I would not despise the traditional acoustic pianos because they have their own advantages. However, there are many reasons why you need to prefer a digital piano over the conventional acoustic models. Here is why;

Portability and convenience

Digital pianos are normally more compact and lighter compared to their acoustic counterparts. Even those models with cabinets similar to the traditional pianos are lightweight than the acoustic pianos. Many of the new digital pianos can be disassembled so that every part is stored separately, hence solving the issue of storage space. Those that are designed for concert performance (for musicians) can conveniently fit into your van. Loading and offloading is also easier because they weigh less than the acoustic pianos. You can see more about how to choose a digital piano on digitalpianolab.com


learning pianoOnce you enter one of the instrument stores and compare prices of traditional acoustic pianos and the digital counterparts, you will realize the digital models are way too cheaper. When it comes to subsequent maintenance, acoustic pianos will need regular tuning while digital pianos need just dusting and very minimal maintenance attention. This is important for a beginner because you will not hassle here and there looking for an expert to tune the instrument, which is also an expensive service.

Versatile and easy volume control

Traditional acoustic pianos produce a volume based on how hard you hit the keys, but the digital piano’s volume can be adjusted in many different ways. Some digital pianos can also allow the use of headphones if you don’t want to make noise, especially when playing at night while other family members are asleep. The several sound settings included in digital pianos are customizable because you can add woodwinds, drums, brass, percussions and other sounds you may want. This means digital pianos are all-in-one instruments that offer unlimited versatility to any beginner pianist out there.


The new digital pianos are designed in a manner that you can record during a performance. This is very important for beginners because they may want to hear what they have just done so that they can make adjustments accordingly. Unlike the traditional acoustic pianos, digital models are quite resourceful because you can review your progress by recording every completed session.


The MIDI ability in many digital pianos allows the player to connect to other devices such as recording instruments and computers. Most new models come with USB ports to facilitate easy connection with different types of audio instruments. Other new versions can be connected to flash disks so that it is easier to transfer music files to your computer and any other memory card supported devices.

How to Pick a Digital Piano Suitable for You

Evaluate your skill level

If you are a pure beginner, you just need to choose a basic and inexpensive digital piano. Check a model with inbuilt learning tools so that you can quickly master playing the instrument as you prepare to upgrade to a more advanced model.

Consider the instrument’s dimensions

Before purchasing your first digital piano, put in mind the available storage space in your house. A beginner doesn’t need a big unit with complex features. If you can pick a keyboard height sized piano, it can be a suitable choice because you can store it comfortably even if space is small.

Last but not least, Consider Portability

As a beginner, you need a smaller sized piano that doesn’t require a huge storage space. Above all, you need to carry it while traveling or when attending evening piano classes. You need to carry it almost to everywhere so that the practicing task is kept constant. Therefore, a portable piano is the ideal choice to make.

Classical Guitar Orchestras: A Different View

Classical Guitar Orchestras: A Different View

Classical Guitar OrchestrasJust like in many other countries where classical guitar orchestras are popular, Canada is one of the chief places with various rock music groups. If you are always in love in guitar playing, you may not miss the conferences and conventions that are said to be organized for the best interest of pop music bands. The events are typically planned to support guitar education among enthusiasts by forming pop music bands. Since guitar devotees are constantly popping up, new orchestras are being established almost on daily basis. This makes the future of guitar scenery to appear on the right track moving towards success because the supporters are seen and heard championing its growth.

I have been a member and a die-hard supporter of one of the local guitar orchestras for almost a decade now, and I felt in a potential position to create a positive impact in the industry. One of our goals has been to ensure guitar orchestras hit the top above all other music groups, but this fantasy might just fade away over time. My dream can be valid if the rock tunes and guitar orchestras can focus on building creativity among the Canadians. Before I just exhibit my pride as a guitar orchestra victor, I would like to share some of the key things guitar orchestra advocates engage most of their energies and what they should do instead;

Claim to create a feasible option

rock orchestraAs a guitar orchestra supporter and member, I have come to understand the difference between guitar orchestras and those other bands. The sophistication that should be reflected by classical orchestras should stand out. This can be achieved appropriately if every group member can establish a more advanced ability to create a difference as far as style of playing instruments is concerned. Every instrument player must be careful to avoid outshining the other so that a balanced choir is generated. Even though achieving this anticipated outcome is quite challenging, the guitar orchestra promoters remain the key people to push for it tirelessly.

Improve on conducting techniques and ranges

This is very important given the conventional ways that are employed by guitar orchestra conductors. When a new guitar orchestra is formed, the conductors tend to come up with new changes claimed to be viable, but almost none of the guitar student get proper training on those techniques. If it were for some guitarists like me, I would recommend that the new and upcoming guitarists be exposed to the best thriving alternatives. Though this is what some promoters wish to embark on, the experienced guitarists who could train the students on these new techniques are as well not equipped with the skills by the groups’ conductors. Therefore, they lack concrete capabilities to organize, execute, and implement the best training approaches for the sake of their students.

Tend to create more audiences blindly

The core objective of creating and developing classical guitar orchestras is to facilitate the growth of the groups by enhancing the student’s guitar playing skills. However, things are usually done contrary to the expectations of many guitarists including me.  The orchestra promoters are more into creating audiences and attract more fans to concerts. They want more people to get into guitar playing landscape so that audience turns up continues to grow. I don’t object the idea of getting as many fans as possible, but something needs to be done so that the new guitar students can improve on skills which the older guitarists have. This will allow the learners to advance, reach higher institutions of learning, and be able to create positive impact by developing new job opportunities. If you are a beginner and looking for a guitar, always do your research before making any decision.

So, what should I comment about on my observation? Alright, the clear indication from the above scrutiny implies that many guitar orchestras are being formed as a result of the increasing demand for guitar performance market. This also translates to selfishness and greed for profit making through competitions among guitar training institutions. Nowadays, guitar tutors are even convincing their students to get fully engaged in competitions rather than building their talents as part of the most vital subject. To make it worse and complicated, many guitar orchestras are not inventive and aggressive to grow their low musical standards. This has also contributed to making the guitar orchestras less significant as far as their main agenda is concerned.

Study: High Volume Classical Music Makes Driving More Dangerous!

Study: High Volume Classical Music Makes Driving More Dangerous!

For a long time, we have known that music is a mood booster. Even different studies have confirmed this as a fact, as well as recommending drivers to play music while driving in order to improve their disposition. Of course, driving while upset or depressed can lead to a traffic accident because you are likely to lose concentration. However, the same scientists have contradicted us with other studies about the relationship between music and driving!

According to a study published in 2013, the report indicates that loud classical music can lead to dangerous driving as it increases driver’s excitement. It further noted that the volume rock music influences the driver’s concentration such that he or she may forget about the road and shift the focus to music. Then the report highlights at some point “next thing might be a terrible accident”! This study has received different reactions from readers, especially those who drive often while listening to music.

I won’t despise the report due to the fact that loud volume not only impacts your mind while resting in the house but will also draw attention from the onlookers as you drive. Many drivers would never want to be stared when loud music is coming from their car audio systems because it looks totally obnoxious. However, you can just drive while listening to high volume music and arrive safely as long as you are keen on the road.

My Interview with Mark

loud music and hearing damageAfter I read the report and a few comments from the readers, I decided to arrange a phone call interview with one of the renowned fast drivers in the city. Mark, a driver who loves driving while playing loud classical music, argued that there is no proven relationship between listening to music and careless driving. This was based on his views since he claimed to have been doing it for over 10 years without causing even a single accident. He further said volume classic music spices up his driving experience, as well as constantly reminding him about traffic rules and regulations! This sounded hilarious.

According to Mark’s comments on my queries, I temporary deduced that different types of car audio systems may have a role to play in this issue. Some systems will produce terrible beats and probably distract the driver’s concentration on the road. Other audio systems just produce cool sounds with smooth entertaining beats that may keep a driver more awake and cautious while driving. So, I think some drivers should reconsider changing their car audio systems. That is if the systems don’t offer a relaxing music entertainment while a driver is behind the wheel!

How Music Affects Your Driving Alertness

Songs that Don’t Nice-Up Your Soul

A study in the UK, 2013 evinced that songs influence a driver’s concentration because they create another inner feeling that takes away your driving focus. However, the report of the study indicated that these are the songs that you don’t like listening to. This left many people wondering how someone can decide to play ‘bad songs’ in his private car. The study says that songs that don’t favor your feelings and emotions might cause mental stress and distractions, which are likely to influence driver’s driving concentration. The report at some point directed the argument to the drivers carrying passengers. If a passenger wants to listen to a song you don’t like, it is better to deny justifiably because it could be dangerous to both of you.

The Music Tempo

listening to music and careless drivingThe same study highlighted that music tempo can also influence a driver’s concentration. This brings us to the fact that classic music usually has a rhythmic tempo, and can be trembling when played on high volume. Most rock songs play faster and this can cause excitement, according to the study. Also, the study reported that the driver is more likely to speed up unconsciously in order to cope with the fast upbeat.

However, the study also cautioned about slow music because it can make a driver to rest too much. Excessive relaxing may translate to less alertness, which may cause an accident. The best driving song should have between 50 to 80 beats per minute so that the song can mimic human heart beat rate, according to the study.

My Opinion

As much as everybody wants to enjoy music while driving, the decent car audio systems can be suitable because they don’t make interruptive noise. They produce a real music sound and beats that are well balanced. If you are a classical music lover while on the road, find those new car audio systems in order to minimize any possible music interruption.

Chilled Classics – Relaxation Centers Started Playing Classical Music

Chilled Classics – Relaxation Centers Started Playing Classical Music

health benefits of classical musicDays are gone when classical music was often associated with the wealthy and celebrities. Many people are becoming lovers of this music genre not only for status purposes but also for health reasons. There are many websites where people can download these songs at a very cheap price, while others are just posted to be accessed for free of charge. However, are you also aware that classical songs have positive health implications?

Many relaxation centers including massage facilities have included classical music into massage therapy plans. If you have been to a massage center lately, you can bear me witness on this issue. According to studies conducted by various physiotherapists, the reports evince that classical music can add flavor to a massage service when played in the process of the kneading procedure.

So, here are the reasons why classical music is now a necessity in almost every massage center;

Classical music is an ideal brain booster

music and brainMany people have been listening to classical music to boost their brain. This is especially when they are undertaking challenging tasks so that brain cells can be enhanced for cognitive thinking and proper functioning.  When you visit a massage therapy after a busy working day or after sitting for too long in a meeting, you may want the masseuse to relieve your headaches and muscle fatigue as soon as possible. The head massager will first work on your head area so that the capillaries can allow easy flow of blood to the brain cells. He or she will also play some soothing classical music to engage your brain into calming feelings. This combination helps to boost your brain, and therefore reenergize your mental capabilities.

Induce fast sleep

During a massage therapy procedure, you can choose to sleep or initiate a conversation with the masseuse. But, sleeping is the most recommended option so that you can allow the whole body to relax. People are different and some may not sleep, especially if they are already stressed by family or work-related issues. The best method used in massage centers to make clients sleep fast is playing classical music. Many people’s feelings are easily influenced by these songs, and you will fall asleep within no time. When the comforting song is playing and the foot massagers are already squeezing your feet, you are likely to stay asleep throughout the entire session!

Classical music provides some healing effect

music and relaxingMassage therapy and music therapy are nowadays common in relaxing centers. Music has been therapy over 200 years, and now the massagers are incorporating the two therapies to bring about an effective healing effect. When you are already in pain due to prolonged sitting in the office, probably you will seek a relaxing massage. The massage therapy experience has been elevated after incorporating music therapy in the facilities. The healing effect of music therapy is caused by the ability of the songs to influence your feelings. You will shift your alertness to the beats and therefore forget about the stressful issues that are responsible for headaches. Additionally, it is worth noting that anything that makes your brain to relax also rejuvenates the entire body system. You can achieve this by a foot massager as well.

Stress relief and mood booster

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed by various life situations, a piece of soothing classical music can calm your brain. This helps in relieving stress and boosting your moods and thus getting rid of headaches. However, a relaxing head massage also can change your moods. When combined with some gentle classical music, your mood will be more improved. According to studies by different physiotherapists, the experts say classical music has a tremendous effect on stress and mood and also has been proven to have almost a similar physiological effect like a massage.

Classical music will boost your physical strength

This is vital to those who exercise on daily basis. If you have a home gym, it is the perfect time to play your favorite classical songs as you prepare to encounter your reps.  If you are a frequent runner, playing classical music through earphones will keep you going. The music boosts your physical power to continue pushing harder during an exercise. However, massage centers also play classical songs to calm your mental tension. Once your brain achieves some rest, your overall body muscles will also start regaining their normal strength. Integrating music therapy into massage plans helps improve your physical strength and performance.

Silence or Classic Music – A Case Study on How to Sleep Better

Silence or Classic Music – A Case Study on How to Sleep Better

sleepless nightSleeping problems have been common to many people due to various reasons. If you sleep next to a snoring partner or your house is adjacent to noisy neighbors, you may find it difficult to fall asleep as quickly as you wish. No matter what the cause, lacking enough sleep can have a negative impact on your physical and mental wellness. Those who live in noisy environments usually start seeking a solution to create a relaxing and peaceful sleeping environment.

However, you cannot count on lullabies because they are mainly meant for babies! However, they can make some sense if there is someone ready to give it, but odds are there is none. Using sleeping earplugs is one of the best ways to prevent distractions at night when you want to rest. Another way to attract a good sleep is by playing some soothing classical music, especially once you jump into your ‘sweet’ bed.

How Classic Music Can Create a Cool Sleeping Environment

Classic music boosts sleep quality and quantity

Silence or Classic MusicAccording to studies carried out by various audiologists, a soothing classic music can induce sleep fast. Though the effect is not felt just in the first trial, you get used to listening to low volume music whenever you want to rest for the night. It may take a week before you adapt this method, but there is a guarantee it will pay off. You just need to prepare different playlists for every day. If you pick the favorite classic songs you love, they have the power to influence your feelings and fall asleep as quickly as you need it.

Classic music can create a relaxing sleep experience

When you leave music playing overnight, your brain adapts to that specific sound over time. This means other external noises would not be waking you up in the middle of the night. You have already created a ‘noise’ within your room, which is recognized by your brain throughout a sleeping session. You will enjoy a restful sleep, and you will wake up in the morning feeling relaxed and reenergized. Having a good sleep improves your moods and boosts your performance at work.

Classic music improves your brain functionality

classic music helps sleepThe reason why classic music will help you sleep well is because your brain is at peace. That relaxing effect improves your mental form and therefore improving the overall body system. What you need is a good song that touches your feelings instantly. This will engage your brain into other distant imaginations, which in turn creates desirable fantasies throughout the night. Also, music is said to stimulate feel-good chemicals in brain cells. The chemicals have a certain physical effect on the body muscles, and also reduce faster breathing and heart beat rate.

How Sleeping Earplugs Can Create a Cool Sleeping Environment

Blocking external distractive noises

As long as sleeping earplugs are used appropriately, you will enjoy a good sleep. They are designed to block excessive sound coming from outside the house. Also, earplugs can block noise from a partner who snores. When using sleeping earplugs, always ensure they are clean. Use the manufacturer’s manual to check the guidelines of usage. Additionally, clinical studies suggest that everybody who uses sleeping earplugs should visit a medical doctor regularly to know the conditions of their ears.

In addition to preventing penetration of noisy sounds, earplugs offer a comfortable feel throughout the night. They are designed to cover the ear canal properly, but also ensuring you can sleep on any side without feeling discomforts. However, it is advisable to select the most comfortable earplugs. These are the ones that fit well without forcing. Avoid those models that create a high pressure behind the earplug as it can be painful in case they lug out roughly.

In conclusion, both sleeping earplugs and classic music can help you get some nice sleep. For the music to create a relaxing sleep, you need to select specific songs that offer some restful effect. Additionally, don’t play songs with a higher beat than 80 BPM because the beat should be equal or less than your heart rate. On the other hand, you are likely to become dependent on sleeping earplugs if used for too long. So, only use earplugs that allow penetration of normal sounds.