Does Temperature Affect Musical Instruments?

Does Temperature Affect Musical Instruments?

Temperature Affect Musical InstrumentsAccording to renowned music instrument manufacturers, the temperature will affect the sound of your instrument in different ways. Every instrument is affected in a different manner, but the experts also say that even player’s abilities are affected by temperature changes. Warmer or colder temperature will change the manner in which the strings are pulled on the bowl. Instruments are said to expand or contract during warmer or colder conditions, and therefore their tension is affected. These changes also affect the player’s interaction with the instrument.

A piano’s bushings tend to expand or contract during high or low-temperature conditions. Such expansions and contractions will increase or decrease the time between when you hit a key and when the harmer hits the string. Whether it is sluggishness or nimbleness, a musician will lose the real touch of the playing experience required. If you are a musician or you often play a musical instrument at home, perhaps you have encountered such situations severally. However, how do you prevent such unwelcoming occurrences from happening too often whenever using your instrument?

The most common method to correct temperature-related issues is through tuning the actions or the strings, adding lubrication in certain spots, or changing the way you play the instrument. For those living in the colder cities of Canada, you don’t need to struggle every time to tune your instrument due to low-temperature effects on your violin, piano, or guitar. Did you think of making use of space heaters to enjoy an optimum temperature regulation for both comfortable living and playing your instrument?

Mostly, space heaters are used to warm up living rooms. Very few have thought of heating their house to maintain a temperature suitable for playing an instrument. Whether you use the instrument in the office or at home, a space heater can be an ideal option to create a perfect environment where you can enjoy playing your instrument.

Apart from regulating the temperature in your house or office, an efficient space heater has a plethora of benefits in your home. So, here are the reasons you need an efficient space heater.

Affordable to buy

If you want a space heater to warm the space in your office, a small compact heater is enough. This can cost you less than $30, and still get myriad of benefits the larger heaters can provide. However, a larger electric space heater can be ideal if you want to heat a larger space in your house, as well as create an optimum temperature suitable for playing your violin.


There are many types of space heaters to choose depending on what you want. If you want to heat a small space just around your chair so that the instrument pitch is not altered by changes in temperature, a small compact model or an infrared dishwasher heater can do the trick. If you want to heat a relatively larger space, a convection heater with a fan can be a better alternative. Basically, a good space heater is the one that fits your intended objectives.


temperature affect your performanceEven though you are advised to read the manufacturer’s manual before you start using a space heater, anyone can just use it. If you have purchased an electric space heater, you just need to plug into the mains power supply and switch on. In short, you don’t need to be an expert electrician so that you can use the unit. However, the manual can be really vital in case there are some areas you don’t understand clearly.

Cheap to operate

A space heater can be one of the appliances that consume the least energy, especially if you only use it to heat a room when playing your piano. Most electric heaters are rated 1.5KW, meaning that you just need very few cents to operate your unit for an hour. The modern space heaters have a temperature setting – high and low setting. You can choose to operate at the low setting to keep energy usage minimal.

Require a small storage space

For those with small-sized offices or living rooms, you can as well use a space heater comfortably. It requires a small space for storage, and your room will not appear cluttered. If the closet space is too small, a small compact heater can be a good choice. If you still have a budget you can even spend some money on a small dehumidifier that will make you feel more comfortable.

In conclusion, a space heater is a safe appliance when used in the office or at home. However, you need to follow the safety guidelines outlined in the manufacturer’s manual. One of the important things to put in mind is placing the unit about 3ft from clothes and any other item such as furniture. The other thing is to avoid overloading your electrical wiring system such as plugging other appliances in the same outlet as the space heater.

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